Colortino game is now available in App Store and Google Play!

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Good news!
We just released our first puzzle game-Colortino yesterday.
Colortino is now available on APP Store and Google play shop!
Welcome to play our unique puzzle game and challenge your brain!

For download lease search: “Colortino” or through our game via link below:APP Store:

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Helsinki based mobile game studio is going to release a fresh puzzle game Colortino!

Colortino is a new type of puzzle game. The story is about a disordered world—Colortino, which was formed many years ago. When a black hole exploded, the music world was buried into the color world. The player’s task is to save 100 music notes from the color world. The 100 music notes the players collects will form a harmonious music piece: Concerto.

Colortino’s core gameplay is very simple: to move the flashing object to collide with an object with the same color. All the objects with the same color will be destroyed, and the music note will be saved when all the colors have been eliminated. But when there are many colors, you need to destroy the other colors first, and save the color of the music note for the last step. If the object is surrounded by other colors, you need to destroy the external colors first.

As the player advances in level, the game will become more challenging. There will be more colors surrounded with each other. The player needs to understand the logical relationships and destroy the colors in the right order. There are even more challenging objects such as time bombs, objects with grids, rainbow colors, and sometimes you need to avoid even the same color from colliding with itself. Those elements increase the difficulty and variety of the game, achieving deeper game experiences.

It challenges the player’s logical thinking, memory and reacting ability. If you like high quality puzzle games, don’t miss downloading this game.


  • New type of puzzle game
  • Simply move and eliminate same color objects to solve puzzles
  • Save music notes from each level to compose CONCERTO theme song
  • 100 levels, 4 different chapters to explore
  • Fine graphic arts combine with wonderful music








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